Best Moonlight Spell Casting Packages for Successful Results

There is very little doubt about the fact that moon plays a very pivotal role when it comes to spell casting. The most experienced people in the business know how to harness the power of various moon phases and achieve the best results of a spell.

Moon is mostly considered as the mother energy in witchcraft and the sun is considered as the father energy. Though, the natural satellite of earth is given more importance by most during the practice.
Witchcraft is basically the art of identifying the right energy among us and then directing it through the universe to get suggestions and guidance from there. And to get the right guidance from the universe, various natural elements like stones, plants are used.


Moonlight Spell Casting Packages

Since the importance of moon in spell casting is immense, there are different packages offered by the person performing the witchcraft depending on various phases of moon. There are basically 4 phases where the energy of moonlight is used. And each phase comes up with a different package.

New Moon Moonlight Spell Package

This is the first package of the moonlight packages. In this package the energy of new moon is utilized. And a casting is done every single night of this phase. The person on whom the casting is being done should have bathe in the moonlight to absorb the virgin energy offered by the combined force of the universe and the moon.

First Quarter Moonlight Spell Package

This is the second package of the moonlight spell casting process. The fresh energy of moon is utilized here by the spell caster. Spell casting is done each day during this phase. Like the earlier phase the energy of moon is soaked by the person.

Full Moon Moonlight Spell Casting

This is the third package of moonlight spell casting. The spell caster works with the pure and fresh energies coming straightaway from the moon. A casting is performed every night during this phase. And having a bathe in the moonlight is necessary like all other phases to absorb the energy from the universe.  

Evaluation Meditation

This is the final package of the moonlight spell casting. In this package the goal is to channelize the energy absorbed from the combined force of the moon and the universe.

Each package comes at a different price range. If you are looking to experience maximum benefit out of your spell casting, selecting the right spell caster and the right package is very important. And the best place to visit is Ms. Phillips has years of experience in performing spell casting successfully.

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